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Orion and I have spent countless hours at the Valley River Center, almost every time I pick him up from daycare he asks, “can we go to the mall?” and pretty much every time I say yes because it is so much fun for the both of us!

We always go in by the movie theatre so he can look at the movie posters, we always like to catch a good flick on a rainy day. The last one we saw was Super Mario Brothers, we’ve already seen it twice. It was perfect for his age (4-5 yrs old). 
Then his next stop is usually the Children’s Museum 
this is a great age neutral spot for kids to play and explore, they have a; pretend sushi spot, a natural grocery store, and even a veterinarian clinic. He can easily get lost here for hours, and it’s only $25 dollars a person for a year long membership!
There is also a public play area in the middle of the mall that he will usually find teaming with kids, it is a great way to get that extra energy out on a cold, rainy day.
Another popular destination is Round 1, essentially a casino for kids, this place has a ton of video games and Orion usually likes to grab his snacks here too. They have an unlimited play card for $10 an hour, it limits which games you can play but for a toddler it’s all he needs.
The last few stops are of course either the toy store, the candy shop, or and ice cream if he’s been cooperative! If you’re looking for a way to entertain your kiddo through the Oregonian winter, look no further than the Valley River Center!